Chapel Hill: UNC, Concert, Eats, Photoshoot, and Heat!

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Anyone who pays attention to basketball and certainly anyone living in North Carolina, knows about that Carolina blue–the Tar Heels. Growing up in North Carolina for most of my life, I had yet visited the home city of this very popular team. I’ve known many people from my high school that went to UNC Chapel Hill, but I had yet to visit. Luckily, a great band that my friend, Luke, and I listen to were playing a show in Chapel Hill on a Saturday. We thought this would be a great opportunity to do a weekend travel to Chapel Hill. We would arrive Saturday, enjoy the concert, and wake up in the morning to have most of Sunday to explore some. Once we arrived at the hotel, we started our trip with some food since we were starving by this time!    

We decided to try a supposedly great burger restaurant on Franklin Street called AL’s Burger Shack. It was recommended to me a couple of times and boy was it not a disappointment! They use local ingredients from NC pasture-raised beef with no antibiotics or hormones, cheese from local dairies, and vegetables from local farms. What a great way to help support the local farming community and serve healthier food! It’s a small place where you go in and order at the counter and then they have some high-top counters with stools inside and then a larger area outside to sit and eat. I got their Paco burger which comes with guacamole, tomato, and fresh jalapeno Habanero Jack cheese. I added bacon because I’m a little weird and have to have bacon on my burgers! This burger was delicious and the guacamole was a great touch and added even more flavor! To kill some time before the concert started, we stopped by Carolina Brewery to grab a nice cold craft beer. It was a neat little place with really cool old, copper looking fermenter tanks behind the bar. We finished the night with seeing This Wild Life play live at a music venue on Franklin Street called Local 506. Sadly, that night their air wasn’t working and this was a very hot and humid weekend! To be in a room packed full of other people with no air flow was not so great, but we all made the best of it and accepted the fact that we were going to be drenched in sweat. At least we had great music to get us through! You can check out This Wild Life’s YouTube channel here to give them a listen!


To come along with us during our first day in Chapel Hill, watch our vlog below and subscribe to our vlogging channel!








The next day of our Chapel Hill weekend started with a fashion photoshoot on this beautiful street called Gimghoul Road which is East of the UNC campus. This street displays some really cute older houses often with beautifully landscaped yards and huge trees lining the road.

The coolest thing about Gimghoul Road? The hidden castle at the end of the street, built in the 1920’s. As you get to the end of the street you come to a gravel pathway leading into the woods. When you walk through the woods you eventually get to the Gimghoul Castle. There are several legends surrounding this mysterious castle in the woods. The castle has long been associated with a secret collegiate society known as the Order of the Gimghoul, founded in 1889 and composed of UNC alumni.


Next stop was Merritt’s, a restaurant that specializes in sandwiches, specifically BLTs! We got both BLTs on sourdough bread, one with guacamole added and the other with pimento cheese. Both were absolutely delicious and really hit the spot! Though, we both agree that the BLT with the pimento cheese was our favorite between the two! If you’re craving a good ‘ol BLT, I highly recommend this place!



We then spent most of the day walking around the campus of UNC Chapel Hill. I was really excited to see this campus because I’ve heard that it is beautiful! Sure enough, it was! UNC Chapel Hill was actually one of the first three public universities built in the United States and because of that, it has many old, architecturally beautiful academic buildings. I absolutely LOVE campuses with old buildings so I immediately fell in love. On campus, there was also a gardens area with many trees, flowers, and plants with pathways going through. It was so peaceful! 













Also on campus, lies the most iconic UNC Chapel Hill symbol, the Old Well. The Old Well is a small rotunda that is based on the Temple of Love in the Gardens of Versailles. The Old Well is in the same location as the original well that provided water for the school back in the day. In the middle of the rotunda, you will find a drinkable water fountain.




After many hours in the heat and being covered in sweat, we needed a cold treat! That treat was frozen yogurt from The Yogurt Pump. It was recommended to me four times so I knew it was a stop we had to take! We may have had to face what seemed like a hurricane while sharing one umbrella to walk to it, but it was well worth it! We got European Chocolate and Peanut Butter frozen yogurt swirled with a scoop of Reese’s cup chunks in the middle of it. It was to die for! If you’re looking for a sweet spot in Chapel Hill, check out The Yogurt Pump!


While it was an extremely hot weekend to be outside and while not all our plans worked out, it was still a fun little weekend travel to Chapel Hill that I really enjoyed. To go along with us on some of the things we saw and did during day two of our trip, please watch our vlog below! To continue to share my travel and food adventures please subscribe to our Youtube channel and our blog!

Thank you! Until next time,


Much love, Nicole <3