About Us

Some people say happiness is the most important thing in life and others say that success is. What if doing what you loved and being happy doing it is what makes you successful? Traveling, eating, laughing, and doing as much as possible to experience this intricate and beautiful life has always made us the happiest. We’ve always done as much of that as we could, but we’ve also always done it in our little corner of the world while watching other people do it on a much larger scale. What that’s taught us is that life is too short to stay in your own little corner. We want to see and experience as many little corners as we possibly can in the short time that we have. There is so much to see and experience locally, nationally, and globally and we will strive to do so. That’s what this site is about–to first motivate us to go, but then to capture, in every way possible, as many moments as we can while we do what makes us the happiest. Yes, we could do this without a site, without sharing it with anyone but our closest friends. We would have never gotten motivated to do this kind of adventuring without sites like this, so we’d like to share our adventures with as many people as possible to hopefully encourage others to appreciate this life and what it holds–from the small moments to the big. We hope sharing our adventures, both small and large, motivates and encourages you to get out of your own corner of the world, and go see as much as you can.


Gareth Cobb

If you ever need to find me, I’m probably sitting around somewhere quiet with my head in a book. Or trying to find a restaurant I haven’t tried yet. There’s very few things I enjoy over a good book or good meal, and some of those are to travel and experience new things…I think that ties into why I love reading so much-it allows you to travel literally anywhere you want anytime you want to go. I try to picture myself being in a story and try to live in every moment I can. I don’t want a boring story. I want as much excitement and adventure between the pages of my life as possible.



Nicole Davis

Hi, my name is Nicole! I’m the girl with the camera, the almost constant laugh, and the love for capturing moments. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination and appreciation for this Earth and everything living on it. I have always found beauty in everything–from the little things like the color patterns on a Autumn leaf, or how cells carry out functions, to the bigger things like other people and communities. I take pleasure in the small moments in life and try to never take things for granted. As beautiful as this world is, we all know that it can sometimes bring us down. What keeps me going and striving to be positive is remembering what this world has to offer and doing and seeing the things I love. Laughter, kindness, travel, animals, people, nature, food, music, photography, science, books, poetry, fashion, beauty, and love–these are many of the things that bring happiness to my life, and many of these things I would love to share with you all; especially my love for travel, nature, food, and fashion. I stumbled upon a poem that I think can help explain why I decided to take the intimidating step to go on this journey with my friend:

‘Put your hand on your heart,’
The old man said,
‘inside you, there is a power,
there are ideas and thoughts,
that no one has ever thought of,
there is the strength to love,
purely and intensely,
and to have someone love you back,
there is the power to make people happy,
and to make people laugh,
and to fall in love,
to change lives and futures —
don’t forget that power,
and don’t ever give up on it.’



So please, stick around and experience this life with us. Thank you for visiting our page, for reading about us, and for giving us a chance.